Support Multi-Modal Transportation

Creating a truly comprehensive multi-modal transportation system in our region represents the best way to preserve the communities in which we live, and address our looming highway transportation problems. Support from public officials, transit agencies, businesses and the public is essential and continues to grow; however, we need to continue to educate the region on the need for transportation alternatives that will preserve and improve our quality of life.

Your elected officials want to know about your support of transit alternatives and funding. Your support, your voice is important, as your elected officials address the funding needs of the state's and the region's transportation issues. Contact your local elected officials and show your support. Help bring more transit and funding to Central PA.

Contact Your Local Representative

Contact your local representative and let him/her know you support the effort to bring transportation alternatives to south central Pennsylvania. You can send an e-mail or letter using the list of state and federal legislators, to show your support.

List of Federal, State and Local Leaders

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